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What age group is this event for?
All ages! From newborns to wise owls.

Can anyone below 18 years of age attend the festival without their guardian?
No. Anyone under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by their parent, caregiver, or guardian to attend the Festival.

Will I be able to volunteer at the festival?
Yes, Cahoots operates entirely by volunteers, so everyone who comes will be volunteering in some way. You will have the option of signing up when you buy your tickets.  Otherwise, you can email cahoots@scmcanada.org.

Do I need to buy a ticket in advance?
Yes. We need to know final numbers prior to the date of the festival for meals and accommodation.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?
You can get 50% of the cost back if we are notified by email before May 27. All refunds will be made by cheque after the festival.

Is the site wheelchair accessible?
Yes it is!

Where will we be sleeping?
There are cabin accommodations available, or you may bring your own tent for camping if you prefer.

Are there washroom facilities?
There are ample indoor washrooms with showers, sinks and the whole deal.

What will we be eating?
We will be providing three meals a day; all meals will have vegetarian options and many will have gluten-free options. All meals will be nut-free. If you have dietary restrictions and need to store extra food in the camp kitchen, you may do so but do keep in mind that space is limited.

Is there free parking for cars?
Yes, there is free parking.

Will there be special workshops for children?
Yes! There will be a full kids’ program that the Children’s Committee has planned! You may bring your kids to other workshops as well if you want them with you, but there’s plenty of fun things for the kids to do during workshop time. There is no programming for kids after dinner, but there will be family-friendly sing-a-long music in the evenings.

I would like to attend for just one day. Are day tickets available?
Day tickets are available for $45. They do not include camping or overnight accomodations. To stay over night, a full festival ticket is required.